Call for Presentations

Round 2 presentation proposal deadline: 30 July

Presenting at this workshop is a great way for stakeholders to share insight in the state of the art in privacy and data protection compliance. We invite industry, government and academics alike. Presenters can discuss published and unpublished works related to privacy and data protection issues. Presentation submission is not a requirement for attendance.

We are particularly interested in the following topics in data protection and privacy:

  • Automation (e.g. making use of AI, machine learning or expert systems)
  • Manageability and compliance
  • Protocol security
  • Business decisions impacting privacy implementations
  • Metrics and Key Performance Indicators
  • Research projects examining law and automation
  • Company post-mortems/lessons learnt in preparing for GDPR Data protection auditing (e.g. run-time monitoring of data processing)
  • Policies
  • Run-time Monitoring and auditing
  • Decisions about cloud/distributed systems
  • Practitioner experiences
  • Smart contracts and distributed ledgers
  • Ethical issues impacting privacy delivery
  • Privacy awareness programmes, including education
  • Software engineering experiences
  • Information flow
  • Privacy Enable Technologies (PETs)
  • Usability and Human Factors
  • Interpreting privacy law
  • Privacy controls composition access domains

This list is not exhaustive, and we encourage other related topics as long as there is an obvious link to data protection and privacy. If you are unsure about whether your topic is appropriate, please email us and ask. The reviewing committee will place more emphasis on experiences and practices that address concrete privacy and data protection challenges directly, and less emphasis on abstract ideas, armchair-theorising and conceptual models. Examples may include (not an exhaustive list): proof of concept tool development, experiences in policy development, empirical evidence discussions. We are specifically after solution-centric insights that pushes the discussion forward, or bold ideas that shake the status quo in how we consider implementation of privacy and data protection.

How to submit a presentation

Presentations will generally be 10-15 minutes in length, plus Q&A. The Program Committee will peer-review all proposals and reserves the right to adapt or restructure proposals submitted to ensure an interesting and compelling program. Marketing/promotional proposals will not be considered for the program.

What to include: ½-page abstract, together with an outline of the presentation and speaker details (name, affiliation, professional role, postal address, email, cell phone, and brief biography.)


Round 1 of the 'Call for Presentations' saw several great proposals that matched many key workshop topics.  We are on our way to building an exciting and substantial program. Round 2 'Call for Presentations' is now open!  Round 2 presentation proposals due 30 July (anywhere on Earth).

Contact with any questions.