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OASIS and University of Oxford will host a unique, two-day international workshop to bring together software engineers, policy makers, lawyers, practitioners, technologists and independent data protection/privacy experts from industry, standards communities, regulators, government, and academia to share lessons learnt about data protection, discuss how to address challenges in today's society from a multistakeholder perspective. 

In this workshop, we hope to bring together new insights on the state of the art in real-time data protection service delivery, by identifying clear gaps common across various stakeholders that need to be filled, and promising industry and research initia-tives attempting to build solutions to hard problems.


  • Existing tools and standards that bridge data privacy control requirements to the technical functionality needed to assure data protection service delivery compliance in online systems.
  • R&D underway contributing to enhanced data protection service delivery.
  • Practices in implementing systems that comply with the law.
  • Benchmarking and demonstrating legal compliance, including active data protection test beds for run time compliance.
  • The emerging privacy engineering discipline and its limitations and potential.
  • Big thoughts: Advances in real-time, policy-configurable data protection controls and code.

jassim happa Jassim Happa
 Research Fellow, Department of Computer Science
 University of Oxford
Sabo John Sabo
 Chair, OASIS Privacy Management
 Reference Model Technical Committee


Those responsible for developing, influencing and managing data protection and risk management in the public and private sectors are welcome to attend. This may include IT security practitioners, senior security policy and risk management practitioners, security and privacy managers, researchers, representatives from industry, government, the academic community, etc.



Workshop Venue

Oxford University, Department of Computer Science, Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD UK